Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coupon code, discount code

The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 phone is the latest sensational Smartphone in the market. This a stylish makeover from Samsung over its existing models (Note 3). We collect and update any available Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coupon code, discount code or deals to buy it at the lowest price. Don’t forget our tips and tricks to save up to $100, let view it below:

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coupon

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Get the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 new and save up to $100 (4 used today)

Get the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 4 new and save up to $100  (4 used today)<br/><br/>

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General Features:

  1. It has soft leather like back and grooves on the side makes it very convenient for you to hold.
  2. Available colors are Black, white and Pink, which are generally preferred colors by public.
  3. It is having bigger screen and light weight, measuring 5.7 inches, compared to it prior versions, which makes you more attracted towards it.
  4. Its weight and thickness is quite less compared to other smartphones in the market.
  5. Buttons are very stylish.
  6. Phone’s Screen is very clear, bright, responsive with good resolution.
  7. 13 MP Camera with LED Flash is another powerful feature of this product.
  8. Its is quite speedy for internet connections.

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Note 4 – Important features:

  1. S Pen is having a new feature which is called Air Command which allows you to open many new features like:
  2. Action Memo allows your to hand write a note.
  3. Scrapbook allows you to circle a content of the choice and save and search it.
  4. S Finder allows a user to search different things like Documents, messages and many other contents or applications by dates and other tags
  5. Pen Window is a very attractive a powerful feature provided in this smartphone, which allows you add widgets on your existing multi-window layouts.
  6. My Magazine is a new feature added. It gets contents from news sources and social medias and present you the information in a user friendly way. This feature is customizable.
  7. You can covert handwritten phone numbers into digital contacts on the phone.
  8. You can create multiple profiles and folders like in PC, which further makes it very enriched
  9. Multitasking is another great feature of this phone for you to smile.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 deals and sales

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Samsung Galaxy Note 4 pros

  • Features rich
  • Good looking and Stylish
  • Powerful and good resolution Camera
  • Good response and clear display
  • Bigger and lighter

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cons

  • Seems a bit complicated while using because of bundle of features it carries.
  • Pen Window allows you to open a limited number of applications which needs to be improved.
  • Its difficult to find and use some features like My Magazine, Air Command etc by your own.
  • Its not easy to use S Pen due to its small size and thickness, which makes you little bit uncomfortable to hold.
  • Buttons are too small to use by fingers which again makes it uncomfortable sometimes.
  • Taking Snaps by Camera is a bit slower compared to many other smartphones available in the market.

You have read all Galaxy Note 4 review, pros, cons and main features, hope with our Samsung Galaxy Note 4 coupon code, discount code, you can get it enjoy it earliest.

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