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Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) is one of the two most anticipated consoles of the year, buy it and play thousands of attractive games. Before purchase, let stop and read more about : PS4 coupon code, Sony PlayStation 4 discount code and own it more easier.

PS4 coupon code

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Get $50 for first 300 customers, click to see more detail and order now ( 288 bought today)

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PS4 review

PS4 is a great console as it allow disc sharing, used games and does not require any kind of online check-in. It’s a superb counter-programming to Xbox One that has presented a perplexing message as regard its daily online check-ins, loaning out of disc and used games policy. PS4 is also $100 cheaper than the Xbox One. Below are some of the great features of PS4:

1. Processor and graphics

AMD is the microprocessor maker of preference for the PS4. PS4 uses a System on a microprocessor that combines the GPU and CPU. The central processing unit is an X86- based with 8- core and a projected clock pace of 1.6GHz. PS4 has a powerful AMD Radeon GPU with 1152 cores. Moreover, it has a high peak shader all through of 1.84 TFLOPS.

2. Ram and storage

PS4 has a Ram of 8GB and uses GDDR5 memory which is very fast. It as well has a hard drive of 500GB. Moreover, it has a Blu-ray/DVD optical drive.

3. Connectivity

PS4 will offer Ethernet, WI-Fi, Optical out as well as USB 3.0. It also has 2.1 Bluetooth. Moreover, it has an HDMI and support 4k output.

4. Controller

  • The Dualshock 4 controller of PS4 is very different from that of PS3. Its key features include:
  • A touchpad in the center of the controller
  • An integrated microphone and jack at the bottom of the controller.
  • Additional peripherals to allow upgrading of the headset.
  • Shares button behind the triggers to allow a PS4 user share his live PS4 data with friends.
  • A speaker in front of the controller in order that audio cues may as well emanate from the controller.

Sony PlayStation 4 coupon

Sony PlayStation 4 is a hot device in 2013, everyday we see up to 300 – 400 searches for Sony PlayStation 4 coupon, It does not exist! We checked from 28 stores/retailers and confirm we can post any Sony PlayStation 4 coupon code, promo code when it is exist.

Sony PlayStation 4 coupon code, Sony PlayStation 4 promo code November 2018


The success of a games console depends largely on the type of games you can really play on it. Personal opinion determines the games you’ll play using a console. There are many games available on PS4 that you can play, such as, Battlefield 4, Daylight, The Crew, DC Universe Online, Destiny, The Division, Deep Down, Don’t Starve, DriveClub and Dragon Age Inquisition.

Advantages of PS4

  1. PS4 will only be compatible with new games and not old games.
  2. Users of PS4 will be capable of streaming online PS3 as well as older generation games.
  3. Androids, iPhone and iPad based smartphones as well as tablets will turn out to be second screens through the use of PlayStation App.

Who Should But PS4
If you love playing computer-based games then you should consider buying yourself a PS4. In conclusion, PS4 is a must have game console. It is cheap and has great features and advantages. Try to use the PS4 coupon code now and enjoy the hottest games: GTA 5 coupon, Battlefield 4, DS4 etc.

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