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The iPad Air is a fifth-generation iPad from Apple. It can also be referred to as the iPad 5. We collect and post all Apple iPad Air coupon code, iPad Air discount, deals and sales, you may view and save up to $20 for any models from 16GB/32GB/64GB to128GB with Wi-Fi or 4G (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, Tmobile).

iPad Air coupon code

The latest updates at 26 minutes ago, November 16, 2018.

Apple iPad Air discount $15, click to see more detail and order now (628 bought today)
Apple iPad Air discount $15, click to see more detail and order now (628 bought today)

You can get one iPad Air from Apple Stores or place order online on Apple.com. This tablet will be sold on Amazon.com and 3rd retailers such as: Walmart, Best Buy, CostCo, Target, select your nearest store to order it. Apple never offers any iPad coupon code, from the first generation for fifth generation. In my opinion, This tablet is the best, It is very nice, strong and light. Don’t spend more time to get the iPad Air coupon code, If you love it, order now and you will happy same as other Apple’s product. (You may wait 1 – 2 months and get an iPad Air used, cheaper than $70 – $100 or Buy iPad 4 now, still enough with excellent screen, apps and performance)

iPad Air coupon code, Apple iPad Air promo code

iPad Air review

What are the features of iPad Air? The iPad Air Pros has several exclusive features including:

  1. The tablet is 20 percent thinner, 28 percent lighter and is having 43 percent minor bezels making it a lot easier to handle as compared to the previous iPad generations.
  2. The dimensions of the tablet are 169.5 by 240 by 7.5 millimeters.
  3. Although new colors are not really a new feature, they deserve to be noted. The iPad Air Pros are offered in black/space gray or white/silver.
  4. Instead of MIMO technology and a single antenna, the iPad Air has two antennas. This has improved its connectivity to twice as faster Wi-Fi compared to the other generations.
  5. It has a number of free software including iMovie, iPhoto, Pages, Keynote, Numbers and GarageBand.
  6. The battery life of the iPad Air is 10 hours if properly recharged.

iPad Air discount and review

What are the comparisons of the iPad Air Pros and iPad 2?

Build and design: The iPad Air resembles the mini iPad design making it look a lot modern than the currently-dated iPad 2.

Screen: The retina of the iPad Air is an amazing screen although it is nothing new. The resolution of the iPad 2 screen is 1024 by 768 and looks blocky as compared to that of the iPad Air.

Cameras: Cameras are the other area that the iPad 2 does not come even near the iPad Air Pros.

Battery life: The battery life of the iPad Air is longer than that of iPad 2.

iPad Air deals and sales

Apple usually discounts their products with the choices: Refurbished (100% quality like brand new), they do not offer any iPad Air deals, sales for new device. You can save from $50, $80, $100 or $120 with a Refurbished iPad Air.

Apple iPad Air deals and sales November 2018

Recommendations – Why buy iPad Apple?

With the above modern features, the iPad Apple tablets are considered the best option of iPads from Apple that customers should buy. This is because it is easily affordable and simple to maintain. In addition to that, the iPad Apple Air is environmentally friendly.

The Apple Inc. manufactures the iPad 5 or iPad Apple pros with the latest technology. This makes it suitable for use by customers. After iPad Air is launch, millions of people admiring it and wanted to own earliest. Hope our suggestions and the iPad Air coupon code above can help you become a smart consumer

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